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AIReal Assist - Spotting and Assisting Training

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AIReal Assist

This training module focuses on assisting students as they transition between postures. Using advanced touch techniques and suggested scripts, you will learn how to confidently and effectively guide a class or individual student in their practice.

What you’ll get:

  • Complete digital manual; including photos and descriptions of all poses
  • In-depth breakdowns of postures 
  • An introduction to therapeutic Touch and Release oriented movement
  • Methods for best safety practices in the hammock
  • Anatomically focused instructions to better assist your students 
  • Exploration and practice of the mechanics of touch and of applying touch to your partner, students or clients
  • Guidelines and key points of approach, posture, and execution for safe assisting of your students and partners
  • Continued education units with Yoga Alliance, NASFM and AFAA

What skills you’ll gain:

  • How to perform basic hands on adjustments and advanced assists
  • Learn proper spotting techniques
  • Methodology for correcting the postures with empathy, letting your students release into the practice instead of worrying about getting it right
  • A strong foundation to assist with strength, knowledge and an open and compassionate heart on the floor and in the air
      AIReal Assist - Spotting and Assisting Training
      AIReal Assist - Spotting and Assisting Training
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