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The Handstand is one of the most sought after postures to master. Handstands are FLIPPING FUN! They are also challenging, both to learn and to teach. Designed for students and teachers of many disciplines and concentrations, in this 12-hour immersive training Carmen teaches you how to build into and work towards holding a strong, stable handstand. We work on the mat, on the wall, with a partner, and using the Aerial Hammock as a guide and prop. You learn how to establish a strong foundation, safely enter into the inversion, strengthen the hold, and safely exit. You also receive all the necessary learning tools to teach yourself and your students how to do handstands!  

Training includes: strengthening postures, professional tips to master balancing, lesson plans, inversion sequences, instructional videos, and drills on the mat, at the wall, with a partner and in the hammock.

You will learn & receive:

  • How to safely enter into and exit out of the Handstand
  • How to use the hammock as a prop and spotting device for the Handstand
  • How to use Forearm Stand and Headstand as preparatory postures
  • How to safely progress through the Handstand with your students
  • How to work towards and teach Press Handstand
  • 12 hours of in-person training with Carmen Curtis
  • Personal attention catered to your learning & teaching style
  • Drills, Poses, and Progressions to build strength and flexibility needed to attain Handstands
  • Drills, Poses, and Progressions to master balancing in Handstand
  • Drills, Poses and Progressions on the mat, on the wall, with a partner and with the aerial hammock
  • Safe spotting techniques
  • Sequences and Lesson Plans
  • Online access to instructional videos and sequences
  • Continued Education Units with Yoga Alliance

Who is this Training For?

  • Curious students wanting a clear path for their Journey to the Handstand
  • Teachers of all related disciplines, Yoga, Gymnastics, Fitness, Dance, Street Danding, HipHop, Aerial, Circus, etc…
  • Teachers that want to feel more confident teaching Handstands
  • Anyone who wants the tools and training techniques to balance in Handstand
  • Anyone who wants the tools and understanding to begin the journey to the Handstand
  • Teachers who want to learn to how to teach Handstands to students of all levels
  • Teachers who want to teach Handstands safely and with confidence
  • Teachers who want to build confidence integrating Handstands into lesson plans

Have Fun Learning How to Flip Your Hourglass!