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The Silks 

This complete silks set gives you everything you'll need to safely rig your aerial silks setup. It includes our low stretch fabric cut to 17 yards, an aerial swivel, two aluminum carabiners, and a figure 8 descender. We also offer a silk only package with no gear if you need! 

They are machine washable and should be dried on medium/low heat. Please, only use front loading washing/drying machines with aerial fabric.

You silk will be 110" wide and made from 100% polyester or nylon tricot. It has a shiny finish, catches the light beautifully, and is a great performance fabric.

Your package includes:

  • Low stretch fabric cut to 17 yards
  • 1 Aerial Swivel
  • 2 Aluminum Carabiners
  • 1 Figure 8 Descender

For silk without gear:

  • Low stretch fabric cut to 17 yards